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Ann's love of preserving the season's harvest started many years ago when the family fig trees produced an extrordinarily abundant crop. Not wanting to see the precious fruits go to waste and prompted by her father, Ann started making jam. From then on, she was hooked.

Our seasonal products are traditionally handmade, using a small batch method to retain maximum flavour and colour. We do not add any artificial colours, preservatives, or commercial setting agents. As we use less sugar than most other jams, our jams tend to have a softer set but have a lot of flavour.

   We are very proud to have won several awards at the Perth Royal Show each year since 2013 for many of our products.

Olive Oil

We have been producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil since 2010 from the olive grove at Valenti's on the Brook. Our grove is made up of a mixed variety of trees including Kalamata and Manzanillo. Our olives are all hand-picked and we aim to harvest the olives at varying degrees of ripeness to ensure a fresh tasting oil.

Vino Cotto

Vino Cotto (literally "cooked wine") is made from fresh grape juice sourced from our family vineyard. A condiment used widely in Italy for centuries, it is now gaining popularity in Australia. Our family has been making Vino Cotto since migrating to Australia from Italy so that it could be used as it was in their village. We make our Vino Cotto in the traditional method, slowly cooking the fresh grape juice so that it reduces and caramalises into a delicious dark syrup. Vino Cotto can be used in so many sweet or savoury dishes - the possibilities are endless. One of our favourite ways to enjoy it is simply drizzled over cheese.

Where to buy our products

We currently have a regular stall at the Farmers Market on Manning. The market is on every Saturday at Clontarf College, Manning Road, Waterford (opposite Curtin University) from 7:30am - 12:30pm. You will find us there fortnightly.
Alternatively, you can drop into our tea room venue during Devonshire Sunday openings (1st Sunday of the month April - October) or by arrangement.

Award-winning products


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